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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 3, 2017 1:15am-1:31am PDT

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one for bette (steve)now at eleven..a man on an evening walk, stabbed at random.i'm steve aveson.(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam happened last friday in berkeley...but tonight police have released a sketch of the man they are looking for.(steve)kron 4's jr stone...has the story. police are saying this was random. they don't know what led to this but say this assailant may have some mental issues. tonight they need your help in catching him. this is a sketch of the man who police say stabbed another man who was out walking his dog near john hinkel park in north berkeley. now officers need your help in identifying the assailant who they believe acted on a random impulse. suspect and victim weren't known to each other. it was was not a robbery gone words
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were exchanged..for some unknown reason the suspect cut the victim.a cut to the stomach that was so bad the victim had to be transported to the hospital. those out walking their dogs on tuesday night said they hadn't heard about the case and are quite surprised by it.sot never heard it before you know it's pretty random like how a person got stabbed walking the dog.the stabbing happened just before 8 pm last friday night. the suspect is described as white, five foot ten to six feet tall, at least 160 pounds with sandy colored hair and facial hair.sot i don't recall at least seeing himsot oh well glad you gave me a heads up i mean if somebody walks towards me i don't know i'll act differently now so i think it's good to get the word out. officers aren't clear if the man is a transient. they do tell us there are rarely any problems at john hinkel park. my wife comes up here pretty frequentlyfor me if someone comes at me i will react a bit differently. i'm actually more concerned about her than i am myself.
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(vicki)breaking news out of richmond.a missing teenager with autism..has been found16 year-old ramon garcia -- went missing after walking away from richmond high school this afternoon. he has the mental capacity of a five year old.we just got word from richmond police that he has been found..and is safe.authorities have not released details on where he was found. (steve)we now know the name of the 15 year-old shot and killed in san francisco's sunset district. the san francisco medical examiner has identified the victim as reajohn jackson of daly city. he was a sophomore at jefferson high school. this is video of the young
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teen as he was loaded into an ambulance sometime after noon on monday. police say the 15 year old had been driving a white pontiac at sunset blvd and kirkham when he was shot. several bullets were left in the side of the car. jackson was pronounced dead at the hospital. police have not released any info about possible suspects... investigators are looking into the possibility was a targeted crime rather than a random act. (grant) five long years after her disappearnace, today closing arguments got underway in sierra lamar's murder trial. her parents, extended family and dozens of supporters, some of whom never stopped searching for the still missing teen, have been coming to court most days for the past 13 weeks. the man accused of kidnapping and killign her... antolin garcia torres. she disappeared on her way to school. her body has never been found. the prosecution's case is based largely on dna and other forensic evidence...according to legal analyst steven clark. steven clark, legal analyst: the question for this jury,
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is was this forensic evidence collected and analyzed correctly. it's very hard to come up with an innocent explaination for why sierra lamar's hair is on a rope in his trunk.'(grant) clark says when the defense makes its closing case, they will argue that sierra is a runaway....and sloppy evidence gathering and sheriff's deputies and the crime lab... will show there is not enough proof beyond a reasonable doubt that garcia torres killed lamar...whose been found. (steve)one down...three to go. the warriors shake off the rust and dominate the utah jazz in game one of the western conference semifinals. (vicki)it's the first home game..with head coach steve kerr sidelined as he deals with an ailing back.(steve)as kron 4's alecia reid explains...warriors fans still think the team will cruise to
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the finals. talk to any warriors fan inside the arena tonight and they'll tell you, the utah jazz didn't have a chance.nat sot - lets go warriorsnatsot - warriors for 3the warriors took a lead early in the game. and fans believe it will be a 4 game sweep against the utah jazz.sot - it might come down to the calls, but they set the stage so we're fine. no, no it doesn't matter who the warriors put in. it doesn't matter. they've got this in 4. sot - there's no problem this year. the way they're playing they cant be beatalthough coach kerr will be out for the rest of the playoffs, dubnation believes the team will continue to deliver like they always do.sot - they'll do it for himfans aren't giving the jazz any thought tonight.they're thinking about a rematch between the cavs and the warriors.sot - it's like a revenge series right here. we got itsot - i think we got revenge on our minds right now so we cant do all this work and don't get rewardedonce again the warriors are proving to be a solid team, and there's light at the end of the tunnel.sot - especially our defense. it's number one sot - there's no stopping us. we're gonna rocksot - we're about to sweep the jazz, roll
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into houston, sweep that too. it'll be cleveland in 5. lets win at home this year baby. let's go! standupthe warriors faced a major upset against the cleveland cavaliers last year.according to these fans, the team has been consistent throughout the regular season and the playoffs.they believe this is their year.. reporting live from oraclce "here in concord on tuesday evening there was a public hearing to discuss and hear people's opinions on a proposal to create a new school district: the northgate school unified district, which would be carved out of the mount diablo school district. those in favor of the plan say that the mount diablo school district is too large to serve the needs of the community. those opposed to this plan say that students will benefit from having one school district. there is be a second public hearing on wednesday evening over on walnut creek. in concord, charles clifford, kron4 news." (philippe) in fremont... hikers at the mission peak
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regional preserve area are being warned about increased rattlesnake sightings. on monday afternoon, a 47-year-old man from santa clara was bitten by a rattler while walking the trail with his family. the man is expected to survive, but he remains in serious condition at a hospital after being treated with anti-venom. the east bay regional park district says snakes will be more visible now with the warmer weather. the park district says its fielded six reported rattlesnake sightings in just the past week. in fremont, philippe djegal kron four news. here in san francisco's lakeview district a mother taking her child to daycare uses a knife defending herself after a minor vehicle collision turns into a case of road rage
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already and i was like, my kid is in the car and i am over here, and i'm like, we can act like adults, please back up and from there it just went on and i was like, grabbed my weapon really quickly to show her, i had it here, hey, i can defend myself, please back up, i am giving you warning, i am feeling threatened. she was not listening to me">the injured woman away by chose not to comment about san franciso police interviewed made no however investigators the mother's ((steve))((steve))another scorcher on the way for much of the bay area...but then things will finally start cooling down.((vicki)) meteorologist brittney shipp is back with your complete forecast.
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.hot conditions today as ridge apex shifts inland. tomorrow will be another hot today as the ridge begins to exit into the great basin. a modest cooling trend will start on thursday as coastal stratus returns. cooling trend continues friday into saturday when a slight chance of showers is forecast as an upper low approaches the region. locally windy conditions can also be expected over the weekend.
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